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 Race Information

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PostSubject: Race Information   Race Information EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 6:22 pm

Race Information Humansw
Humans are among the youngest races in Nazareth, but they make up for it by being the most populous. With life spans generally shorter than the other races, humans strive all the harder to achieve great heights in empire building, exploration, and magical study. Their aggressive and inquisitive nature lead the human nations to become active and influential in the world. Humans value virtue, honor, and courage, though like all races, they also pursue power and wealth. Humans have spent generations battling each other and have lost some of their greatest kingdoms to their own race. These losses embitter humans, and they have a view of diplomacy that does not favor negotiations.

Humans come from many backgrounds and show great physical variety among all the races. Humans' skin ranges from dark to light and may have tones of other colors. Their eyes are blue, brown, purple, green, gray, or hazel. Human hair is brown, black, blond, or red. Men often grow short beards and women commonly wear their hair long. Humans average almost six feet in height and weigh about 180 pounds, with men noticeably taller and heavier than women. Humans seem to be a naturally proud and ambitious race. The humans of Azeroth have a very strong sense of triumphalism and have been known to be arrogant, overzealous, or vainglorious. Humans have also regularly displayed noble and altruistic attitudes and actions. These qualities have led to human society producing notable heroic and villainous figures in recent history. Humans are naturally weak in areas concerning nature and magic but are very diverse in combat. They are incapable of advanced magic, but can know up to three specialties in areas such as swordsmanship, mace fighting, archery, and more.

Race Information Angelsx
Angels are one of the youngest races in all of Nazareth. Their origins spawn from humanity as Angels were originally engineered, genetically, to defend the vast human kingdoms. However, the humans gave them a mind of their own and this led to the angels rebelling and coming together to form their own kingdom. Angels tends to be righteous and moral in nature, though it can differ for each angel. They tend to have a light skin-tone, appearing anywhere from pale to shimmering gold. The tend to have a set of white feathery wings, though it's not always the case. Angels are highly adept in Chivalrous Magic, enabling them to simultaneously use both magic and weaponry at the same time.

Race Information Undeadg
The undead were once-living creatures, now animated by spiritual or supernatural forces. The term undead refers to all creatures or entities that function normally despite having terminated life functions. Most commonly known as zombies or ghosts, undead beings are most typically mindless, bloodthirsty fiends hostile toward any living thing that comes across their path. The undead have appeared all throughout Azeroth, most commonly in nature as revenants or wraiths. They have often been used as combat tools in many wars.

Race Information Goetians
Goetians are similar to angels in a sense, but are far different in appearance and abilities. They possess a wide range of magical ability in the form of Necromancy while also are fully capable in using their body itself as a weapon. This comes in the form of self-transmutation, extending claws, and extremely sharp teeth. Goetians are one of the oldest races in Nazareth and go back millions of years. Their spiritual prowess and ability in dark magic make them quite a fearsome opponent.

Race Information Nekog
Neko beings were once a part of the human race, however, they are now categorized as their own race. Neko beings were one of the few races that were genetically engineering by humanity that developed into its own race. The notable differences between a human and a neko are the fact that also nekos tend to lack physical strength, they make up for it with their heightened sense of hearing, reflexes, and generally superior speed. Their physical differences are the fact that they have cat ears extending from the top of their head and a maneuverable cat tail extending from just above their rear.

Race Information Elvesa
Elves are also one of the oldest races, not as old as the Goetia but certainly older than the other races, and this has brought about the existence of a magically sensitive and culture-based race that has maintained itself for a while. However, their population is scarce due to a generally low sex drive. Elves tend to confine themselves with their studies and magical practices. Elves are very in tune with nature and magic, but are lacking in physical strength and endurance. Their small, more fragile frame can make them susceptible in physical combat. Elves honor nature and spirits, taking particular care not to provoke too many fights.

Race Information Daemons
Daemons were magically created by the Goetians as a type of infantry to fight for them in wars. However like many created races, the Daemons took on a path of their own and became their own race. As their own race, they are slightly different from Goetians in the sense that they are more centered around particular elements of magic, moreso than magic at broad. They are still capable of necromancy, however. Another difference between Goetians and Daemons is that all Daemons have a second form, a humanoid form that is natural to them. They can shift to and from this form. The purpose for this was to attack the human psyche and trick them into holding back. This has led to most Daemons using it to lure in humans for either sinister purposes or for the purpose of sexual acts. Many Daemons have developed into succubi of sorts. Daemons, in their demonic form, possess strangely colored pupils that can vary from of any color, and the whites of their eyes are black. They possess powerful leathery wings that make them capable of flight. They tend to have a slender, muscular, or curvy body and are very rarely overweight.

Race Information Androidsk
Androids were engineered by humanity as a means of fighting the other races. However, like many creations, Androids developed self-awareness and began to pursue their own goals, soon defecting from humanity's cause. Just like any race, even Androids were manufactured with a soul and thus are capable of emotions. However, emotions are relatively rare in Androids. Androids come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and forms. Most are humanoid in nature, though there is a very large variety of Androids.

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Race Information
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